A pharmacist by education and profession, I aspire to be a life long student by always seeking to expand and enhance my understanding of the world we live in.  I firmly believe that critical thinking is the key to success.  We should never place constraints upon our capacity to critique.  I hold conservative Muslim beliefs which, contrary to popular belief regarding religion at large, impose no constraints upon my enthusiasm for science, in particular biotechnology, which I recognize as the future of medicine and the next evolution of the pharmaceutical industry via incarnation in a much more mobile, flexible and overall entrepreneurial framework.  I have enormous respect for entrepreneurs, whom I recognize as individuals who have realized that professional success is about more than hard work–it’s about one’s willingness to take a calculated risk that will bear financial fruits in the long-term.

I immensely enjoy dealing with people and believe that relationships are the key cornerstone of both civil systems as well as the economic/business landscape.  It is my assessment that the crucial functionality of relationships is undermined when society adopts material wealth as its greatest priority.  Money is an extremely unstable foundation upon which to develop lasting, meaningful relationships with others.  The consequence of defining the purpose of life as the pursuit of happiness and material wealth is that the relationships that hold societies and businesses together erode under pressures that confer upon them increasingly dysfunctional orientations.  Sustainability of social integrity at the collective level and a sense of dignity and honor in the professional workspace at the individual level demands that we as humans learn to recognize that values and ethics must necessarily supplant financial rewards as the principal inspirations governing how we make our day to day decisions, the lifestyles we commit ourselves to, and the individual’s conception of their own role and significance in their broader community and also in the context of global citizenship.


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  1. zarina says:

    SubhanAllah, all praise due only to Allah, the Creato, the Holder, the Controller of the heavens and the earth and all that is in it. May Allah accept such nobility. Maashaa Allah 🙂

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