The First Step to Success

“The time has passed when the perfect man was he who appeared interested in everything without attaching himself exclusively to anything, capable of tasting and understanding everything, finding means to unite and condense in himself all that was most exquisite in civilization.”

(Emil Durkheim)

Hey all, welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting!  My name is Tamer, and I created this blog because I’ve had the benefit of learning a great deal about many, many, many different subjects, and I figure that I can help others by sharing some of the insights I’ve picked up over the years.

Information and knowledge should be the most attractive things in our lives.  For those of you who haven’t had the time to pick up a book recently and read it cover to cover, I strongly urge you to make time each day to read.  Ignore the fact that it is a cliche, but knowledge is power.  Be curious.  Be hungry to learn, and constantly so.  The more you satisfy that hunger through reading, the more that you will find the world is at your fingertips.  I’m sure that all sounds cute and dandy, but if you want to realize and achieve your true potential, you will fail unless you can cultivate an inquisitive capacity.

One of the reasons I created this blog is because I hope I can help others overcome what, for some, is their greatest obstacle to achieving great things: themselves.  A lot of the people that I’ve met and gotten to know over the years suffer from the self-imposed handicap of placing a cap on their ambitions.  I find it impossible to grasp how or why anybody would do that to themselves.  We human beings are the dominant life form on this planet–we have every reason to believe that we can accomplish whatever we desire.

Always aim high.  There are some people who look at a city skyline and think to themselves “Wow, what a view!” and then there are those who see the same skyline and instead think “When am I going to own some of those buildings?” Now, reason and logic require us to acknowledge that not everybody places the same value on things or has the same order of priorities–some people value the view more than the thought of ownership and stacking cash; we are all entitled to our preferences.  However, for those who want more out of their lives–for those who want to achieve extraordinary things–the very first step is to liberate your mind from any of these cancerous, self-imposed caps on what we believe we can realistically achieve.  Ferraris are not dream cars–they are attainable.  Whoever says you cannot or should not start your own business ought to pull their head out of the sand.  Success is there for those who have the courage to seize it!  These are the types of individuals who hear the words “You can’t. . .” and instantly think “Watch me.”  Do NOT let a transient economic recession become an excuse to lower the standard you set for yourself.

We are human beings–the greatest creature God ever placed on this Earth, and capable of succeeding at any task, so long as we reject any restraints on our potential, especially the ones we place there ourselves.  We were meant to achieve great things.  Yes, those things are hard to achieve, but no exceptional feat is easily accomplished.  Be persistent.  Be hungry.  Be inquisitive.  Learn from your lessons, refine your methods, rally and attack again.  That is the road to success.

One last note: a good friend highlighted the distinction between “prosperity” and “greatness.”  Success means nothing if it comes at the cost of ethics, dignity and honor.  Thanks for tuning in to my first post all, and please feel free to share any comments or perspectives.  I’m still new at this so any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again all.



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  1. Humble Fish says:

    Very inspiring 🙂

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